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Intelligent Hybrid Connectivity for Better Business at Sea

The KVH ONE Hybrid Network

KVH Onenetwork provides a unified connectivity experience across satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi networks with seamless roaming and intelligent switching for superior performance globally.KVH One revolutionizes marine communications by bringing cutting-edge hybrid connections to vessels of all sizes, including yacht satellite communication. With KVH One, you can seamlessly switch between satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi networks for efficient connectivity. Communicate when sailing, drifting, or speeding on any boat. In short, it’s a matter of connecting things easily.

  • Intelsat powers KVH’s multi-tiered, Ku-band high throughput satellite network worldwide.
  • The range of cellular service extends out to 32 kilometers (20 mi), which is accessible from 150+ countries
  • Compatibility for coastline area network
  • Includes the ability to utilize both KVH-issued and user-issued SIM cards, as well as support for higher-speed 5G and LTE-A networks when available
  • The improved VoIP service is prominent.
  • • Provides compatibility with the Tracnet H30, H60, and H90 hybrid networks

Wireless Internet Access from the Coast:

The TracNet H30, H60, and H90 stations have a built-in Wi-Fi bridge that connects to the KVH ONE System, allowing users to connect to Wi-Fi on the territory. Upgraded TracNet transmitters provide increased smartphone range and capacity. Connectivity to wireless networks, after signing up for the Wi-Fi network the first time, you will always be connected whenever you need marine communication.
Currently running: Easily linked to cellular networks:

Each TracNet comes with a SIM card from KVH, so you may use it with the KVH ONE Channel, which has coverage in more than 150 countries. The ability to seamlessly switch between carriers when traveling internationally; support for personal VPNs and SIM cards; and access to local cellular rates in addition to KVH’s worldwide service, increased cellular data rates, including 5G and LTE-A (where available and compatible with SIMs)

Automatically connects to the VSAT global HTS network:

Thanks to its multilayer HTS architecture, the KVH ONE Connectivity can provide service to users worldwide. 276 million square kilometers (106+ million square miles) of coverage from the newest generation of high-throughput satellites (HTS), Layered coverage provides visibility of numerous satellites and beams to maximize uptime, and continuous communications and Ku-band network guarantees improved weather resilience with rates as much as 40/3 Mbps down/up

Switching hybrid intelligence:

The KVH ONE and TracNet systems are smart enough to switch between satellite, cellphone, and Wi-Fi connections effortlessly. As expected, everything goes off without delay. To that end, routers that account for service availability, cost, data transmission reliability, latency, and packet drop have been developed.
Users can manually switch between SIM cards to use one as the primary data connection.

Select the optimal TracNet combo endpoint:

Each professional-grade TracNet terminal automatically delivers optimal performance by combining satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi capabilities. It’s like having three separate communication domes at one convenient location. A few further features are:

  • With its commercial-grade rotary junction that prevents wire wrap and its single cable, this product makes setup simple.
  • Cutting-edge equipment under the deck that inspires trust by centrally managing and controlling all of your systems
  • For the duration of your product’s lifecycle, you will have access to port-level support anywhere in the world thanks to KVH OneCareTM, and you will be able to make use of KVH Manager’s robust array of tools for gaining insightful insights and command over data.
TracNet H30
TracNet H60

60 cm hybrid terminal with satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi. Data speeds as fast as 10/3 Mbps (down/up)

TracNet H90

1 m hybrid terminal with satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi. Data speeds as fast as 20/3 Mbps (down/up)