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BGAN Prepaid FAQs for Global Satellite

What is BGAN Prepaid?

BGAN Prepaid, offered by Global Satellite, provides a convenient and flexible way to access Inmarsat’s Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) service. It eliminates the need for long-term contracts, allowing you to pay only for the data and minutes you use on your BGAN terminal.

What are the benefits of BGAN Prepaid with Global Satellite?

  • Flexibility: Enjoy pay-as-you-go convenience without a contract commitment.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Only pay for the data and minutes you use.
  • Real-Time Usage Tracking: Monitor your balance and data consumption through MyGlobalSatellite for informed decision-making.
  • Top-Up Options: Easily add credit to your BGAN Prepaid account online or through authorized resellers.
  • No Hidden Fees: Transparent pricing with no surprise charges.
  • Global Coverage (except polar regions): Stay connected virtually anywhere on the planet with BGAN’s extensive network.
  • Wide Range of Services: Enjoy voice calls, SMS messaging, and high-speed data access for internet browsing, email, and file transfers.
  • Prepaid Balance Rollover: Any unused prepaid credit remains in your account for future use until depleted.

What BGAN Prepaid plans are available?

Global Satellite offers a variety of BGAN Prepaid plans to suit your specific needs. These plans typically range from small data bundles with included minutes to larger packages offering more extensive data allowances. We recommend contacting Global Satellite to discuss your usage requirements and find the most suitable plan for you.

How can I manage my BGAN Prepaid account?

Manage your BGAN Prepaid account conveniently through our user-friendly MyGlobalSatellite portal. This platform allows you to:

  • Track your balance and data usage in real-time.
  • Top-up your account with ease.
  • View your transaction history.
  • Manage multiple BGAN Prepaid accounts (if applicable).

For more information on BGAN Prepaid plans, pricing, and compatibility with your BGAN terminal, contact Global Satellite, your leading provider of communication satellite services.


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