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FleetOne Coastal Prepaid FAQs for Global Satellite

What is FleetOne Coastal Prepaid?

FleetOne Coastal Prepaid is a cost-effective satellite communication service offered by Global Satellite, ideal for vessels operating within coastal regions. It provides reliable voice, SMS texting, and data connectivity through the Inmarsat Fleet One network.

Who is FleetOne Coastal Prepaid for?

This service is perfect for:

  • Fishing vessels
  • Pleasure yachts
  • Small commercial vessels under 500 GRT (Gross Register Tonnage)

What are the benefits of FleetOne Coastal Prepaid?

  • Global Coverage (with limitations): Provides reliable connectivity in coastal areas worldwide, down to 5 degrees antenna elevation.
  • Prepaid Convenience: Enjoy the flexibility of paying for data usage upfront, eliminating the need for long-term contracts.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Benefit from predictable costs without hidden fees.
  • Voice & SMS: Make and receive calls and send SMS messages for clear communication on the go.
  • Data Access (within coverage zone): Access email, weather updates, and other essential data services within designated coastal coverage areas.
  • Free Emergency Service: Utilize the complimentary ‘505’ Emergency Safety Service for critical situations.
  • High Network Availability: Experience exceptional network uptime exceeding 99.9%.

What are the limitations of FleetOne Coastal Prepaid?

  • Coastal Coverage: Data access is limited to designated coastal regions.
  • Larger Vessels: This service is not suitable for larger vessels exceeding 500 GRT or fixed/floating platforms.
  • Global Voice: Included voice minutes can only be used for calls to cell phones, landlines, and other Inmarsat satellite phones.

What equipment is required for FleetOne Coastal Prepaid?

To use FleetOne Coastal Prepaid, you’ll need an approved Fleet One terminal and an MMSI number (Maritime Mobile Service Identity). Global Satellite can assist you with acquiring both.

How can I manage my FleetOne Coastal Prepaid service?

While specific management details may vary depending on the chosen provider, you can generally expect to monitor your usage and top up your data allowance through an online portal or by contacting Global Satellite.

Contact Global Satellite today to learn more about FleetOne Coastal Prepaid and discuss the best communication solution for your coastal needs!


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