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FleetOne Coastal Monthly FAQs for Global Satellite

What is FleetOne Coastal Monthly?

FleetOne Coastal Monthly is a communication plan offered by Global Satellite, a leading provider of communication satellite services. This plan provides reliable and affordable monthly data access for vessels operating within designated coastal regions.

Who is FleetOne Coastal Monthly ideal for?

This plan is perfect for:

  • Fishing vessels
  • Leisure boats
  • Coastal workboats
  • Tugs and barges
  • Other commercial vessels primarily operating near shore

What are the benefits of FleetOne Coastal Monthly?

  • Fixed Monthly Cost: Predictable monthly expense for data usage within the coverage area.
  • Reliable Coverage: Consistent data connectivity within designated coastal regions.
  • No Contract Lock-In: Enjoy flexibility with a month-to-month commitment.
  • Easy Management: Monitor data usage and manage your plan through Global Satellite’s online portal.

What is included in the FleetOne Coastal Monthly plan?

The specific inclusions of the FleetOne Coastal Monthly plan may vary depending on your chosen data allowance. However, it typically includes:

  • A set amount of data for monthly usage within the designated coastal coverage zone.
  • Access to email, text messaging, and internet browsing.

What happens if I exceed my data allowance?

If you exceed your data allowance within the month, you may be charged overage fees based on your service provider’s policy. Global Satellite can advise you on these rates and potential options to avoid exceeding your limit.

Is FleetOne Coastal Monthly available globally?

No, FleetOne Coastal Monthly is designed for coastal operation within a specific designated region. Global Satellite offers other plans for broader or global coverage. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

How can I activate FleetOne Coastal Monthly?

Contact Global Satellite today to discuss your needs and activate the FleetOne Coastal Monthly plan that best suits your vessel’s requirements. Our team will guide you through the activation process and ensure your seamless transition to reliable coastal communication.


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