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  • Monthly 24/7 support charge of  $50.00
  • Activation fee of  $200.00
  • Plans can be suspended at any time after the first month of service.
  • Plans can be up and downgraded on request
  • Warranty managed by Global Satellite for systems sold and delivered by Global Satellite 
  • The management fee is a monthly fee based on the selected plan.
  • overage per GB of $3.00
  • possibility of paying by bank transfer without processing the 4% card..

Starlink Plans FAQs for Global Satellite

As a leading provider of communication satellite services, Global Satellite is proud to offer Starlink internet plans. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand Starlink and choose the right plan for your needs.

What is Starlink?

Starlink is a constellation of low-earth orbit satellites developed by SpaceX that provides high-speed, low-latency internet access to remote and underserved locations worldwide.

What Starlink Plans does Global Satellite offer?

Global Satellite currently offers two main categories of Starlink Plans:

  • Fixed Service (Standard): Designed for homes and businesses at a fixed location. Offers high-speed internet with potentially lower latency compared to traditional satellite internet.
  • Mobile Service (Roam): Ideal for RVs, campers, and travelers who need internet access on the go across a continent or even globally (depending on the plan). Provides internet access with varying degrees of data allowance and prioritization.

What are the benefits of Starlink Plans?

  • Broader Coverage: Starlink offers internet access in many areas not serviced by traditional internet providers.
  • High Speeds: Experience download speeds ranging from 20 Mbps to 220 Mbps depending on location and plan.
  • Low Latency: Enjoy lower latency compared to traditional satellite internet, enabling real-time applications like video conferencing and online gaming.
  • Flexible Options: Choose between Fixed and Mobile service plans based on your needs.
How do I choose the right Starlink Plan?

The best Starlink plan depends on your usage and location. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Location: Check Starlink’s website or contact Global Satellite to confirm availability in your area.
  • Data Usage: Estimate your monthly data needs (downloading, streaming, etc.) to choose a plan with sufficient data allowance.
  • Mobility: If you need internet access on the move, consider a Mobile (Roam) plan.
  • Priority: For applications requiring consistent speed and performance, consider a Mobile Priority plan.

What happens if I go over my data limit?

Fixed Service plans offer unlimited data with potentially lower speeds after exceeding the priority data allowance. Mobile plans may offer additional data packages for purchase if you surpass the included data.

Can I pause or cancel my Starlink Plan?

Pause and cancellation options vary depending on the plan. For the latest information, please refer to Starlink’s website or contact Global Satellite.

How can I get Starlink service with Global Satellite?

Contact Global Satellite today to discuss Starlink plan options and check availability in your area. Our experienced representatives can help you choose the best plan for your needs and guide you through the setup process.

Please note: This FAQ is for informational purposes only. Specific details and pricing of Starlink plans may change. Please refer to Starlink’s website or contact Global Satellite for the latest information.


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