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Global Satellite, your worldwide provider of satellite communication solutions


Global Satellite offers a complete range of marine communications from ship-to-shore and shore-to-ship.


We provide fast, secure, and reliable satellite communications service anywhere on earth.


Our services are flexible and scalable to provide solutions that meet our client’s specific needs.

Welcome to Global Satellite

Our mission is to bridge distances, break barriers, and empower organizations with seamless communication solutions that transcend geographical limitations. With a strong focus on satellite technology, we deliver reliable, innovative, and high-performance communication services to connect businesses and communities across the globe.

Satellite Phones: Connecting the World Anywhere

What Are Satellite Phones?

satellite phone, also known as a sat phone, is a specialized mobile device that communicates via satellites orbiting the Earth. Unlike traditional cellular networks, which rely on ground-based infrastructure, satellite phones connect directly to satellites. This unique capability allows users to make calls, send messages, and access data from virtually anywhere on the planet.

Why Choose Satellite Phones?

  1. Global Coverage: Satellite services span the entire globe, including remote regions. For example, Iridium’s Next network provides pole-to-pole coverage, even across oceans.

  2. Emergency Preparedness: Satellite phones are game-changers for individuals venturing into remote areas where traditional mobile networks can’t reach. They serve as crucial communication lifelines for emergency responders, military personnel, field researchers, and adventurers.

  3. Direct Satellite Connection: Unlike standard smartphones that rely on cellular towers, satellite phones connect directly to orbiting satellites. This capability ensures communication even in areas with no cellular coverage.

Our Products And Services

What Is Marine Satellite Internet?

Marine satellite internet provides reliable connectivity for vessels, yachts, and boats navigating the open waters. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor, an adventurer exploring remote islands, or a commercial ship operator, having internet access at sea is essential. Global Satellite, a trusted provider of communication satellite services, offers robust solutions to keep you connected no matter where your maritime journey takes you.

Challenges of Staying Connected at Sea

Navigating the vast ocean presents unique challenges for internet connectivity:

  1. Distance: Being miles away from shore requires specialized satellite systems capable of compensating for the extended range.

  2. Vessel Movement: Boats are constantly in motion, rocking with the waves. Stable satellite connections are crucial, and technology must adapt to this dynamic environment.

  3. Cost: Reliable setups with strong signals come with a price tag, but the peace of mind they offer is invaluable.

Marine Internet Options


  • Global Maritime Coverage: Starlink’s vast satellite constellation provides connectivity even in international waters.

Fleet One by Inmarsat:

  • Single Global Rate: Connect your devices at a consistent rate, regardless of vessel size or location.
  • Services: Access emails, electronic charts, weather reports, and stay in touch with family and friends worldwide.

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