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KVH V3-HTS: Work. Play. The Speed and Power to Do It All.

Discover unparalleled satellite communication performance with KVH V3-HTS. Enjoy lightning-fast data speeds, global coverage, and reliable connectivity for maritime, enterprise, and government applications. Explore our cutting-edge satellite solutions today.

Get more out of life on your boat with TracPhone® V3-HTS, the marine VSAT system that saves you from being tethered to shore. Ultra-compact at only 37 cm (14 inches), and packed with power, the TracPhone V3-HTS makes it easy to stream HD content and stay connected. Offering the most advanced maritime network available and expanded network management, it’s a great solution for smaller boats or a streaming fast VSAT backup for larger yachts. This end-to-end SATCOM solution provides:

  • Rugged antenna with high-performance stabilization and tracking
  • Data speeds as fast as 6 Mbps/2 Mbps (down/up)
  • Metered and unlimited-use plans with worldwide coverage

KVH V3-HTS: Highlights

  • Award-winning, ultra-compact marine VSAT system with worldwide coverage
  • Automatic fast switching ensures seamless and reliable communications wherever you travel
  • Global connectivity and crystal-clear voice calls via advanced next-generation Ku-band satellites
  • Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM) includes everything you need in one single box
  • Includes basic Vessel Tracking Service; Premium version also available
  • Advanced network-level firewall with automated threat management provides additional security

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