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Turn to Global Satellite to integrate Starlink high-performance terminals into your hybrid satellite network to provide priority service for maritime and remote communications. Global Satellite offers:

Starlink Business and Maritime installation and integration from satellite experts

Real-time local support in Europe, Africa, and the Americas
Enterprise-grade managed networking and security services for your fleet or team
The world of satellite internet has been revolutionized by Starlink. With its vast network of low-Earth orbit satellites, Starlink is capable of delivering high-speed internet to users all over the world. This technology has significant implications for maritime and enterprise customers who require affordable, high-bandwidth connectivity for their operations.

Global Satellite provides Starlink for maritime and enterprise customers who need reliable priority service and the network management and customer service to support it. With over 20 years of satellite expertise, Global Satellite will ensure your network meets the needs of the most demanding customers with satellite experience and local customer support. The network management and security system enables both remote and local network management to optimize internet connectivity and manage the users.

For business and enterprise customers, Starlink represents a game-changer in terms of connectivity. With its ability to provide high-speed internet to remote locations, Starlink enables businesses to expand their operations into areas previously thought to be inaccessible. From mining and exploration to agriculture and infrastructure, the possibilities are endless. With the reliability and performance of Starlink, businesses can now confidently connect their operations with the rest of the world, unlocking new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Emergency management, business continuity, and NGOs can also rely on Starlink thanks to the light, relatively low-cost terminals that provide high speeds along with monthly service from Global Satellite.

Global Satellite also provides a VoIP service, as well as the remote network management and security that are required during emergencies and in areas of humanitarian need.


We strongly recommend that other internet and communication channels be available to provide redundancy to the Starlink services that, for technical , administrative, and political reasons, may not be available. This redundancy can be provided by a traditional Vsat or other system, or at least by a hand-held satellite device such as an Iridium satellite phone.