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Global Satellite: Combining Starlink and KVH for you

As the demand for high-speed internet connectivity continues to grow, more and more satellite systems are being developed to meet this need. One such system is Starlink, which has recently launched a low earth orbit (LEO) system that provides high-speed internet connectivity over satellite with speeds of up to 400Mb. While this system is still in the deployment stage, it has already shown great promise in expanding coverage and providing fast, reliable internet services.

A Revolutionary Partnership

Another well-established satellite internet provider is KVH, which has been providing high-quality internet services to more than 15,000 vessels globally for many years. KVH is known for their customer support, both remote and on-site, to ensure the best possible experience for their subscribers.

At Global Satellite, we are excited to offer our clients the ability to combine the services of Starlink and KVH to achieve seamless internet services globally. Existing KVH subscribers can add a Starlink system and KVH will automatically switch to Starlink when available, and vice versa. Our subscribers are free to upgrade or downgrade their service packages to meet their connectivity requirements, and we also offer the option for clients to purchase their equipment and services directly from Starlink and have them installed and integrated by us.

As the technology for satellite internet continues to evolve, we at Global Satellite will always be at the forefront of new developments. For example, Oneweb is scheduled to provide global connectivity in Q3 2023, and we will be pleased to offer these services once they have been tested and proven.

We recommend that our KVH clients consider the benefits of continuing their service before making the decision to deactivate their systems. KVH is the reliable and established choice for satellite internet and it’s important to not leave the service until we are sure that the new service is providing the same level of quality, performance and support. Having a dependable communication system is crucial for the smooth functioning of operations, navigation, and safety on board ships, and having a backup system in place is not a luxury but rather a practical necessity

Let Global Satellite Assist You

In conclusion, Global Satellite is committed to providing our clients with the best satellite internet services available, and we are excited to offer the integration of Starlink and KVH for seamless, global connectivity. We encourage our clients to consider the benefits of combining these two great satellite services and to contact us for more information.

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