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How global companies can benefit from interconnected technology

Global Satellite uses Iridium Push-To-Talk (PTT) interconnected technology to engage with teams virtually across the globe. Using voice, data, SMS, SOS, GPS, and Location-Based data, this PTT technology has the astounding ability to connect from any location to any team member, in an instant.

When used alongside more traditional land-mobile-radios, Iridium’s PTT software works to exchange information with other devices, ensuring rapid communication and interconnecting large teams as one like never before, enabling rapid team working conditions and unprecedented coordination across the globe.

Using the most feature-rich PTT interconnected technology, this satellite phone is the best on the market for simple and fast communication. Pre-defined coverage areas range from between 100,000 to 2.25M square kilometres, without compromising on efficiency, security, or speed.

This dependable and versatile global technology is designed to last with maximum efficiency, thanks to high levels of adaptability and extreme durability in all settings. The technology works effectively underground, outdoors, inside, and on the go, whether on foot or in a moving vehicle. For operations surrounding water, the vital keypad and microphone are both weather and wind resistant to IP65 and MIL-STD 810F standards.

Added speed and efficiency comes from the reliability of Iridium’s low-latency network, that works to mitigate potential network or infrastructure problems and the subsequent impact that would have, avoiding any interruptions to communication.

The security of all interconnected communications is second to none, with AES-256 Encryption designed to keep all communications private, whilst continuing to work effectively alongside other PTT devices and Land-Mobile Radio systems, allowing accessible communication for all.

Iridium also helps to ensure security for all team members, with the technology ready and equipped for an emergency with a single touch, using a programmable and customisable SOS button that gives the user 24/7 emergency assistance over the phone.

To request a quote and find out more about the Iridium Extreme PTT technology, get in touch with the Global Satellite team via our website https://www.globalsatellite.gi/product/iridium-extreme-ptt/

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