global satellite

70% of the world’s surface is covered by oceans. OneWeb’s mission is transforming these oceans and marks the start of a new era for smarter shipping, with high-speed connectivity for high demanding digital solutions, to enrich both crew members and the remote offices sailing our seas.
Whether you are a fleet manager requiring fast connectivity to enable operational efficiencies, or a cruise vessel enabling guests to experience a home-like experience, OneWeb’s flexible and resilient network can meet every level of connectivity needs.

Connected Vessel

Easy access to reliable OneWeb connectivity empowers vessel owners and operators to transform their operations. Whether leveraging the latest performance enhancing marine technologies or adding value to the passenger experience, OneWeb’s high-speed low latency service can meet every level of connectivity needs.

Connectivity made easy

OneWeb has developed flexible, scalable, and reliable connectivity plans that will transform how vessels are connected at sea. Enabling faster and larger data allowances, and innovation flows, that drive performance, supply chain, and Economic, Social and Governance efficiencies with a key focus on improving crew welfare.

  • Greater capacity and higher throughput than alternative solutions today
  • Low latency that enhances and enables latency-sensitive applications and future-ready cloud solutions
  • Flexible high data plans enabling fleets to become a fully functional office

To learn more about our marine satellite internet solutions, reach out to our sales team.